Camilla Reuter

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About the Artist

Camilla Reuter is a visual artist from Finland who has lived in Reykjavík, Iceland for the past ten years. She is currently doing an MFA in the Iceland University of Arts where she graduated with a BA in fine art in 2017. Painting with oil on canvas constitutes her main medium, although she has experience in digital mediums and sculpture as well. Her work deals with subjects of selfhood, subjectivity and the body as a site of self-knowledge and reflection.

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Artist statement

As an artist, I am inspired by the elements of colour, form and composition in my work. My main medium has and will always be oil painting, while other mediums also play a part in my practice. I have ventured into the digital, and am interested in the dimensionality of sculpture, yet find myself always returning to painting. In my work, I transform bodily references into self-reflecting images.

I often make self-portraits, or portraits of the people closest to me. My work has always been personal yet not so confessional. It’s intimate and at times exhibitionist, but never shocking. I am a woman painter and a mother, and this is why the personal becomes political in my work. For me, portraiture is a way to reclaim the medium of painting from the objectification of the male-gaze.

I am intrigued by the power of bodies and the body as a medium in which subjectivity resides. I am not afraid of portraying subjects which could be traditionally dismissed as feminine, forever attempting to subvert, divert and reclaim the narrative from the burden of traditionality am intrigued by the non-dualistic nature of the mind and body; how mental conditions such as anxiety, melancholy or desire are mediated through our bodies and how that language can be transferred into images. Portraiture for me is a way to visualise the conflicted and non-verbal areas of our consciousness.


Camilla Patricia Reuter was born in Finland in 1991 to a Finnish mother and a Russian father. In 2013 she moved to Iceland where she lives with her husband and son. She graduated from the Iceland University of Arts in 2017 with a bachelor’s degree in visual art. Currently, she is finishing her master’s thesis in art theory at the University of Iceland.


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